Since 1975, Nicklas King McConahy Real Estate Appraisers and Consultants have been providing property appraisals, consultation and specialty services throughout western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia, and is certified to appraise properties in 12 states. We primarily work with banks and mortgage companies; corporations; federal, state county and municipal governments; municipal authorities and attorneys. Each real estate appraiser on staff brings experience, reliability and accuracy to every property we assess.

A Fair and Accurate Valuation from a Credible Real Estate Appraiser is Essential for Informed Decisions.

Our team routinely provides reports for lending purposes, portfolio valuation, estate planning, market studies, property tax valuation, and eminent domain. Each appraisal begins with a property inspection and research into appropriate market areas. We assemble and analyze all collected data pertinent to the property being appraised. From there, we apply our vast knowledge, state-of-the-art technology and professional judgment to estimate the true value of the property.

Property Appraisal Professionals

Property Valuations by Unbiased Real Estate Appraisers

Nicklas King McConahy & Company brings third-party objectivity and integrity to every appraisal we provide. We have no financial ties or conflicts of interest with any party involved in the transaction. You can be assured that you will receive a thorough and reliable valuation by accountable real estate appraisers with a focus on service and timeliness.

Our team of real estate appraisers has more than 125 years of combined experience with numerous state and industry certifications. We employ the latest technology and platforms to deliver timely and accurate valuations for residential, commercial, industrial, and multifamily properties. All appraisals are conducted in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). We have also testified as experts in several states, including Ohio, where a landmark tax appeal case was decided at the state Supreme Court.

Reports from our real estate appraisers are provided in writing, comply with all federal and state requirements, and generally consist of:

  • A description of the property and its locale;
  • An analysis of the “highest and best use” of the property;
  • An analysis of sales of comparable properties “as near the subject property as possible”;
  • A cost analysis, if requested;
  • Information regarding current real estate activity and/or market area trends; and
  • An analysis of income potential.

We Pride Ourselves on Diligent Service and Stand by Every Property Valuation We Provide.